Alltop High Quality Pure Sine Wave Solar Energy System

Alltop High Quality Pure Sine Wave Solar Energy System Solar AC DC Power System is composed of inverter, solar charge controller and built-in battery, all in one. It can output the DC power and AC power. It is portable, easy operation and space saving. Key Features * Easy maintenance * Save time and money on servic * Client authentication * Provide training* 100% Full Power * Import MOS tube Power Material * Double Powered Protection * Dual temperature control Protection * Battery and city power priority switc

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Item No. DQ1901A300-01/DQ1901B500-01/DQ1901C1K-01/DQ1901D1K5-01/DQ1901D1K5-01 DQ1901E2K-01/DQ1901F3K-01/DQ1901G5K-01/DQ1901J10K-01/DQ1901K15K-01/DQ1901L20K-01
Hybrid Solar Inverter 300W/00W/1000W/1500W Solar Power System 2KWW/3KW5KW/10KW/15KW/20KW Solar Power System
Charge And Discharge Controller 12V 10A / 24V 20A / 24V 30A / 48V 60A /48V 80A /96V 80A/ 96V 120A /192V 120V/
Output Voltage 220VAC 50Hz 220VAC 50Hz
Working Voltage 12V/24V 48V
Solar Panel 1PCS/2PCS,180W 18V/300W 30V Polycrystalline, 8PCS/12PCS/ 20PCS/3656PCS64PCS, 300W 30V  Polycrystalline,
Battery Gel Battery, 12V 55AH, 1PCS/2PCS/12V 100AH, 2PCS 12V 150AH, 4PCS/12V 200AH, 12PCS/20PCS/36PCS/56PCS/72PCS, Gel Battery,
Cables 4mm² PV, Red and Black, 5m/7m 4mm²  PV, Red and Black, 30mm~250mm Cables;  8mm²  For PV, Red and Black,  10m~80m
Operating Ambient Temperature -20-+65ºC -20-+65ºC
Warranty 3 Years

3 Years

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